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I would not be where I am today without the help of Coach Gilner. The older you get, the harder the game gets and I find Coach Gilners tips more and more useful each year. The little things that skill coaches teach end up being just as important as the big concepts that coaches preach.

Chris Konin

Forward, Kimble Union

Jeff Konin PHD

When I began playing for Coach Gilner as an 8th grader my hockey career goals far ahead of my skill level. I started playing the game as 4th grader, which caused me to be far behind, in terms of skill, players that I wanted to compete with and against. Despite my lack of ability, Coach Gilner made an investment in me. When I tried out for his Midget U-16 team, I was not given a spot on the roster, but was allowed to practice with the team. Coach was up front with me in saying I was not good enough to play on the team at this point, but that if I was willing to put in the work I would be good enough at some point. He was right. My skills have evolved to allow me to not only compete with but outplay players that have played in high level juniors, varsity prep-schools, and even some NCAA DIII.

This skills evolution would not have been possible without the efforts of Coach Gilner. In a coach/player relationship it takes a two people in order to create success. The player has to come ready to work to each event and the coach has to go above and beyond for his players. Coach Gilner did just that. For a kid just trying to get better, Coach Gilner would show up an hour before early morning team practices just to work with me on my shot and skating technique. He would put together workout packets with explanations so even when I wasn’t with Coach Gilner I knew exactly what I needed to do. Of all of the coaches I have met and played for I have never seen another coach go the extra mile for his players like Coach Gilner. No matter what a player’s aspirations are, if they are willing to put in the work Coach Gilner’s coaching will help raise their game to help the player meet their goals.

-Ben Sisemore

About: In high school served as Assistant Captain and Captain for Plant High School, served as Assistant Captain for THPD in U18AA. In College, won the 2015 ACCHL championship as a member of the North Carolina Tar Heels ACHA DII team, and served as Assistant Captain for the 2016-2017. Will serve as Captain for the Tar Heels during graduate school.


Ben Sisemore

Forward - Captain, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

My experience with THPD took my game to the next level. Coach Gilner always expected the best from us, and fine tuned aspects of our game to give us the advantage in all situations. Coach Gilner also showed us the level of professionalism necessary to wear the THPD sweater, a trait many programs lack. Every practice had specific goals and we accomplished them ten fold. Also, Coach Gilner has played the game at a much higher level than most of my other coaches. So, you knew going into a corner to pick up a puck not only would opposing forwards in a drill be on your tail, but Coach Gilner would also be shutting down a lane. This caused his players on THPD to develop their mental game and quick thinking on the fly. Playing for THPD and coach Gilner was a pleasure, and I still take every opportunity to skate with him. 

Sean Horan

Defenseman, Tabor Academy, Holy Cross University

Coach Lee Gilner has helped me tremendously with my career both on and off the ice. He always pushed me to reach my highest potential as a player and a person. I became faster, stronger, and learned a lot about how to play the game from Lee which was critical in order for me to reach the next levels. I play in the USPHL Premier division this year and next year I will play NCAA hockey. Without my training with Lee I wouln’t be where I am today.

Filip Akermark

Defenseman, Kents Hill School & South Shore Kings USPHL

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